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I prioritise making sure the commissioning process is as easy as possible for my customers by helping you out every step of the way. 

To ensure I can create the highest quality drawing possible, I need the best photos to work from! I’m always happy to look through any photographs you have (even if there’s hundreds) to determine which is the best one to draw. Typically the best photos are head on, at eye level and taken in natural light; by a window or outside not in direct sunlight, this helps with true colour depiction. Im always happy to guide you through taking the perfect reference picture. 

I understand that if a pet or person has sadly passed, it is not always possible to ensure a good quality photo is available. I will work with what is provided and do my best at creating the most accurate representation possible.

I can also work from multiple photos to piece different pets or people together, so don’t worry about getting everyone to sit for the perfect photograph!

Gift Vouchers

I also have gift vouchers available to purchase, this can be for the value of a drawing or any amount to put towards one. This is a great option when you can’t source the photographs needed for a portrait, allowing the recipient to choose for themselves. This is also a perfect alternative if a drawing can’t be completed in time for a specific date.


If having read through the above and you’re now ready to book in your portrait, please contact me on my contact page or via my social media platforms. Providing any information such as size, medium and what subject(s) you’d like to be drawn. My Price Lists are available to view on my website!

I often have a waiting list that can differ at certain times of the year, especially being longer around Christmas, so please message me to enquire about my current waiting times. If you have a certain date you need the drawing for, please enquire with plenty of time in advance and I will try my hardest to accommodate.

I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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